Date: 5th Century B.C.E. (Final composition)

Leviticus is part of a long narrative, extending from Exodus ch 25 to Numbers ch 10, that may be called "When the Tabernacle Stood at Sinai." It begins with God's in­structions to Moses to provide a portable residence for the divine Presence and to consecrate his brother Aaron and the latter's sons as priests. The Tabernacle was also the place for God to meet regularly with Moses to impart His laws; thus it is called the "Tent of Meeting." The Tabernacle and all its appurtenances were manufactured at the foot of Sinai; the divine Presence took up residence; the priests were consecrated and sacrificial worship commenced; the laws were conveyed; the priests, Levites, and remaining tribes were mustered and arranged and instructions for the journey to Canaan were given; and finally the Israelites departed from Sinai on their journey to Canaan.