Deuteronomy 33:8

Hebrew Bible

8 Of Levi he said: “Your Thummim and Urim belong to your godly one, whose authority you challenged at Massah, and with whom you argued at the waters of Meribah. 9 He said to his father and mother, ‘I have not seen him,’ and he did not acknowledge his own brothers or know his own children, for they kept your word, and guarded your covenant.

Neofiti Deuteronomy 33:8


8 And Moses the prophet of the Lord blessed the tribe of Levi and said: With the Thummim and the Urim you clothed Aaron, the pious man whom you winnowed, and he remained steadfast in the trial; and you tested him in the Waters of the Strife and he was found faithful. 9 For it is said concerning the tribe of Levi: He did not show favor to his father or to his mother in the judgment, nor did he know his brothers in the affair of the calf, nor did he possess mercy for his sons in the affair of Zimri. For they kept the word of your mouth, and they were careful about your decrees and your law.

Luke 22:31

New Testament

29 Thus I grant to you a kingdom, just as my Father granted to me, 30 that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and you will sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 31Simon, Simon, pay attention! Satan has demanded to have you all, to sift you like wheat, 32 but I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. When you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” 33 But Peter said to him, “Lord, I am ready to go with you both to prison and to death!”

 Notes and References

"... The figure of speech used by Jesus, 'Simon, Simon! Remember that Satan has asked for you, to sift you all like wheat' (Luke 22:31), for which P. Billerbeck has no parallel to propose from Jewish literature, occurs in Neofiti Deuteronomy 33:8 ..."

Le Déaut, Roger Targumic Literature and New Testament Interpretation (p. 247) Biblical Theology Bulletin, 1974

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