Comparing: Classical - New Testament

Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics

Dioscorides Materia Medica

Hymn to a Universal God

Fragment P.Col. Inv. 1171

Iamblichus Life of Pythagoras

Josephus Antiquities of the Jews Book 1

Josephus Antiquities of the Jews Book 18

Josephus Antiquities of the Jews Book 19

Livy The History of Rome Book 2

Lucian The Death of Peregrine

The Passing of Peregrinus

Lucian Voyage to the Lower World

Philo Every Good Man is Free

Philo On the Birth of Abel

De sacrificiis Abelis et Caini

Philo On the Confusion of Tongues

Philo On the Unchangeableness of God

Philo Who is the Heir of Divine Things

Pliny Letters

The Epistulae

Pliny Natural History Book 30

Polybius Histories Book 4

Seneca On the Happy Life

De Beata Vitae

Suetonius The Twelve Caesars

About the Life of the Caesars

Tacitus Annals Book 15

Virgil Eclogues

The Bucolics