Sibylline Oracles 1:37

34 He longed for conversation, being alone, 35 And prayed that he might see another form 36 Such as he had. And forthwith, from man's side 37 Taking a bone, God himself made fair Eve, 38 A wedded spouse, and in that Paradise 39 Gave her to dwell with him. And, when he gazed 40 Upon her, on a sudden filled with joy 41 Great admiration held his soul, he saw 42 A pattern so exact; and with wise words 43 Spontaneous flowing answered he in turn 44 For God had care for all things. For the mind

Date: 150 B.C.E. - 100 C.E.
* Dates are based on scholarly estimates

Genesis Rabbah 40:5


‘You are carrying precious stones.’ ‘I will pay on precious stones.’ ‘It is imperative that you open it and we see what it contains,’ he insisted. As soon as he opened it the land of Egypt was irradiated with her lustre [beauty]. R. ‘Azariah and R. Jonathan in R. Isaac’s name said: Eve’s image was transmitted to the reigning beauties of each generation. Elsewhere it is written, And the damsel was very faiwr—‘ad me’od (1 Kings 1, 4), which means that she attained to Eve’s beauty; but here in truth it is written, THE EGYPTIANS BEHELD THE WOMAN THAT SHE WAS VERY FAIR (ME’OD)— which means, even more beautiful than Eve’s image.

Date: 500 C.E.
* Dates are based on scholarly estimates