Psalms of Solomon 18:4


2 Your eyes are watching over them and none of them will be lacking. Your ears listen to the hopeful prayer of the poor. 3 Your compassionate judgements are over the whole world, and your love is for the descendants of Abraham, an Israelite. 4 Your discipline for us is as for a firstborn son, an only child, to dissuade the perceptive person from unintentional sins. 5 May God cleanse Israel for the blessed day of mercy, the appointed day for the appearance of his Messiah. 6 Happy are those living in those days, to see the good things of the Lord, that he will do for the coming generation.

4 Ezra 6:58

2 Esdras

56 and that all the rest of the nations descended from Adam are nothing, that they are no better than spittle, and, for all their numbers, no more than a drop from a bucket. 57 And yet, O Lord, those nations which count for nothing are today ruling over us and devouring us; 58 and we, your people, have been put into their power - your people, whom you have called your first-born, your only son, your champion, and your best beloved. 59 Was the world really made for us? Why then, may we not take possession of our world? How much longer shall it be so?’

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"... Compare 4 Ezra 6:58 ..."

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