Judith 8:32-35

32 Then Judith said to them, “Listen to me. I am about to do something that will go down through all generations of our descendants. 33 Stand at the town gate tonight so that I may go out with my maid; and within the days after which you have promised to surrender the town to our enemies, the Lord will deliver Israel by my hand. 34 Only, do not try to find out what I am doing; for I will not tell you until I have finished what I am about to do.”

35 Uzziah and the rulers said to her, “Go in peace, and may the Lord God go before you, to take vengeance on our enemies.” 36 So they returned from the tent and went to their posts.


1 Clement 55:1-6

1 But, to bring forward examples from the Gentiles, also many kings and leaders, when a time of pestilence had arisen, being warned by oracles, gave themselves unto death, that they might deliver their citizens by their blood. Many went out from their own cities, that there might be no more sedition therein.

2 We know that many among us gave themselves up unto bonds, that they might deliver others. Many have given themselves up unto slavery, and, having received their own price, have therewith fed others.

3 Many women, waxing strong through the grace of God, have performed many manly deeds.

4 The blessed Judith, when the city was besieged, asked of the elders that she should be permitted to go forth into the camp of the aliens.

5 She therefore delivered herself unto danger, and went out through love of her country and of her people, who were besieged. And the Lord delivered Olophernes into the hands of a woman.

6 To no smaller danger did Esther, being perfect in faith, expose herself, that she might deliver the twelve tribes of Israel, who were about to perish. For by fasting and humiliation she besought the Master, who overlooketh all things, the God of Ages, who, seeing the humiliation of her soul, delivered the people for whose sake she put herself in jeopardy.