Jubilees 1:1


1 And it came to pass in the first year of the exodus of the children of Israel out of Egypt, in the third month, on the sixteenth day of the month, [2450 Anno Mundi] that God spake to Moses, saying: 'Come up to Me on the Mount, and I will give thee two tables of stone of the law and of the commandment, which I have written, that thou mayst teach them.' 2 And Moses went up into the mount of God, and the glory of the Lord abode on Mount Sinai, and a cloud overshadowed it six days. 3 And He called to Moses on the seventh day out of the midst of the cloud, and the appearance of the glory of the Lord was like a flaming fire on the top of the mount.

Berakhot 5a

Babylonian Talmud

And Rabbi Levi bar Ḥama said that Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish said: God said to Moses, “Ascend to me on the mountain and be there, and I will give you the stone tablets and the Torah and the mitzva that I have written that you may teach them” (Exodus 24:12), meaning that God revealed to Moses not only the Written Torah, but all of Torah, as it would be transmitted through the generations. The “tablets” are the ten commandments that were written on the tablets of the Covenant, the “Torah” is the five books of Moses. The “mitzva” is the Mishna, which includes explanations for the mitzvot and how they are to be performed. “That I have written” refers to the Prophets and Writings, written with divine inspiration. “That you may teach them” refers to the Talmud, which explains the Mishna. These explanations are the foundation for the rulings of practical halakha. This verse teaches that all aspects of Torah were given to Moses from Sinai.

 Notes and References

"... This formulation seemed to leave room for laws outside of the Torah, such as the additional stipulations found in the book of Jubilees itself. Tgat may be why Jubilees’ author chose to cite Exodus 24:12 here. This same biblical verse was used for a similar purpose, but still more expansively, in b. Berakhot 5a: “The ‘tablets’ refers to the Ten Commandments, ‘the Torah’ to Scripture [i.e. to the Pentateuch as a whole], ‘and the commandments’ to the Mishnah, ‘which I wrote’ to the Prophets and the Writings, ‘to teach them’ to the Gemara [i.e. oral teachings about the Mishnah, Torah, and other topics]—this verse [thus] teaches that all of these were given to Moses on Mount Sinai.” ..."

Kugel, James L. A Walk through Jubilees: Studies in the Book of Jubilees and the World of Its Creation (p. 20) Brill, 2012

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