Jeremiah 2:16

Hebrew Bible

14 “Israel is not a slave, is he? He was not born into slavery, was he? If not, why then is he being carried off? 15 Like lions his enemies roar victoriously over him; they raise their voices in triumph. They have laid his land waste; his cities have been burned down and deserted. 16 Even the soldiers from Memphis and Tahpanhes have cracked your skulls, people of Israel. 17 You have brought all this on yourself, Israel, by deserting the Lord your God when he was leading you along the right path. 18 What good will it do you then to go down to Egypt to seek help from the Egyptians? What good will it do you to go over to Assyria to seek help from the Assyrians?

LXX Jeremiah 2:15


13 Is Israel a servant, or a home-born slave? why has he become a spoil? 14 The lions roared upon him, and uttered their voice, which have made his land a wilderness: and his cities are broken down, that they should not be inhabited. 15 Also the children of Memphis and Taphnas have known thee, and mocked thee. 16 Has not thy forsaking me brought these things upon thee? saith the Lord thy God. 17 And now what hast thou to do with the way of Egypt, to drink the water of Geon? and what hast thou to do with the way of the Assyrians, to drink the water of rivers?

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