4 Ezra 6:40

2 Esdras

38 ‘O Lord, at the beginning of creation you spoke the word. On the first day you said, “Let heaven and earth be made!”, and your word carried out its work. 39 At that time the hovering spirit was there, and darkness circled round; there was silence, no sound as yet of human voice. 40 Then you commanded a ray of light to be brought out of your store-chambers, to make your works visible from that time onwards. 41 On the second day you created the angel of the firmament, and commanded him to make a dividing barrier between the waters, one part withdrawing upwards and the other remaining below.

2 Enoch 25:3

Secrets of Enoch

1 I commanded in the very lowest parts, that visible (physical) things should come down from invisible (spiritual), and Adoil came down very great, and I beheld him, and lo! He had a belly of great light. 2 And I said to him: Become undone, Adoil, and let the visible (physical) come out of you. 3 And he came undone, and a great light came out. And I was in the midst of the great light, and as there is born light from light, there came forth a great age, and showed all creation, which I had thought to create. 4 And I saw that it was good.

 Notes and References

"... In 2 Baruch, which has come to us in Syriac, there is a brief mention of the “treasuries of the light,” listed among the range of secrets revealed to Moses by God ... 4 Ezra also contains a reference to “treasuries of light,” (6:40), contained in an expanded description of the divine command in Genesis 3. This reflects a wider concern within that book to assert God’s sovereignty over creation, and hence the demands of monotheism. Importantly, while this reference contributes to the growing postbiblical tradition of treasuries that contain light, it has no programmatic or structural significance ..."

Macaskill, Grant Meteorology and Metrology: Evaluating Parallels in the Ethiopic Parables of Enoch and 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (pp. 79-99) Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha, Vol. 29, No. 2, 2019

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