Zechariah 14:4

Hebrew Bible

1 A day of the Lord is about to come when your possessions will be divided as plunder in your midst. 2 For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to wage war; the city will be taken, its houses plundered, and the women raped. Then half of the city will go into exile, but the remainder of the people will not be taken away. 3 Then the Lord will go to battle and fight against those nations, just as he fought battles in ancient days. 4 On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives that lies to the east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in half from east to west, leaving a great valley. Half the mountain will move northward and the other half southward. 5 Then you will escape through my mountain valley, for the valley of the mountains will extend to Azal. Indeed, you will flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days of King Uzziah of Judah. Then the Lord my God will come with all his holy ones with him.

Mark 14:26

New Testament

23 And after taking the cup and giving thanks, he gave it to them, and they all drank from it. 24 He said to them, “This is my blood, the blood of the covenant, that is poured out for many. 25 I tell you the truth, I will no longer drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God. 26 After singing a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. 27 Then Jesus said to them, “You will all fall away, for it is written,“‘I will strike the shepherd,and the sheep will be scattered.’ 28 But after I am raised, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.” 29 Peter said to him, “Even if they all fall away, I will not!” 30 Jesus said to him, “I tell you the truth, today—this very night—before a rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times.”

 Notes and References

"... Here Jesus looks ahead to the great messianic banquet in the new age, when the shroud of death will no longer cover the nations, and death will be swallowed up forever (Isaiah 25:6–8). All of this will come about because of his atoning death, because of the blood of the covenant. As Jesus looks ahead to the kingdom of God, this once again reminds the reader of the expectation of the coming of the Son of Man, for, according to Daniel 7, the kingdom will be given to him. But the evening passes without the fulfillment of this expectation. After singing a hymn, they once again find themselves on the Mount of Olives (verse 26), presumably around the midnight hour. As they stand for the second time on the eschatological mountain (compare Zechariah 14:4), Jesus delivers what could be called a ‘mini-apocalyptic discourse’, in which he informs his disciples that they will all fall away, fulfilling the apocalyptic prophecy of Zechariah ..."

Bolt, Peter G. The Cross from a Distance: Atonement in Mark's Gospel (p. 106) IVP Academic, 2004

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