Tobit 12:1-10

1 When the wedding celebration was ended, Tobit called his son Tobias and said to him, “My child, see to paying the wages of the man who went with you, and give him a bonus as well.” 2 He replied, “Father, how much shall I pay him? It would do no harm to give him half of the possessions brought back with me. 3 For he has led me back to you safely, he cured my wife, he brought the money back with me, and he healed you. How much extra shall I give him as a bonus?” 4 Tobit said, “He deserves, my child, to receive half of all that he brought back.” 5 So Tobias called him and said, “Take for your wages half of all that you brought back, and farewell.”

6 Then Raphael called the two of them privately and said to them, “Bless God and acknowledge him in the presence of all the living for the good things he has done for you. Bless and sing praise to his name. With fitting honor declare to all people the deeds of God. Do not be slow to acknowledge him. 7 It is good to conceal the secret of a king, but to acknowledge and reveal the works of God, and with fitting honor to acknowledge him. Do good and evil will not overtake you. 8 Prayer with fasting is good, but better than both is almsgiving with righteousness. A little with righteousness is better than wealth with wrongdoing. It is better to give alms than to lay up gold. 9 For almsgiving saves from death and purges away every sin. Those who give alms will enjoy a full life, 10 but those who commit sin and do wrong are their own worst enemies.


2 Clement 16:1-4

1 Wherefore, brethren, since we have received no small opportunity for repentance, let us, while we have time, turn unto the God who hath called us, while we still have one who will receive us.
2 For if we bid farewell to the luxuries of this world, and conquer our soul so that we do not fulfil evil lusts, we shall partake of the mercy of Jesus.
3 But know that the day of judgment is already coming as a burning furnace, and certain of the heavens shall be melted, and the whole earth shall be as lead melting on the fire; and then shall both the secret and open deeds of men be made manifest.
4 Good, therefore, is almsgiving, as showing repentance from sin; better is fasting than prayer, and almsgiving than both; for love covereth a multitude of sins, and prayer that goeth forth from a good conscience saveth from death. Happy is every one who is found full of these things, for almsgiving becometh a lightening of sin.