Testament of Judah 25:1

Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs

And after these things shall Abraham and Isaac and Jacob arise unto life, and I and my brethren shall be chiefs of the tribes of Israel: Levi first, I the second, Joseph third, Benjamin fourth, Simeon fifth; Issachar sixth, and so all in order. And the Lord blessed Levi, and the Angel of the Presence, me; the powers of glory, Simeon; the heaven, Reuben; the earth, Issachar; the sea, Zebulun; the mountains, Joseph; the tabernacle, Benjamin; the luminaries, Dan; Eden, Naphtali; the sun, Gad; the moon, Asher. And ye shall be the people of the Lord, and have one tongue; And there shall be there no spirit of deceit of Beliar, For he shall be cast into the fire for ever.

Psalms of Solomon 3:12


10 They sin repeatedly in their life: They fall, and are seriously hurt, they will never get up again. 11 The destruction of sinners is forever, and they will not be remembered when God looks after the righteous. 12 This is the fate of sinners forever; but those who fear the Lord shall rise up to eternal life, and their life shall be in the Lord's light and it shall never end.

 Notes and References

"... On the resurrection of Israel or the 'righteous' on the last day, see Daniel 12:1-2; 2 Maccabees 7; 4Q521 2.11; 1 Enoch 92:3-4; Psalms of Solomon 3:12; Testament of Judah 25:1 ..."

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