Sirach 9:9

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

7 Do not look around in the streets of a city, or wander about in its deserted sections. 8 Turn away your eyes from a shapely woman, and do not gaze at beauty belonging to another; many have been seduced by a woman's beauty, and by it passion is kindled like a fire. 9 Never dine with another man's wife, or revel with her at wine; or your heart may turn aside to her, and in blood you may be plunged into destruction. 10 Do not abandon old friends, for new ones cannot equal them. A new friend is like new wine; when it has aged, you can drink it with pleasure. 11 Do not envy the success of sinners, for you do not know what their end will be like.

Clement of Alexandria The Instructor 2.7


For Wisdom appears to enjoin well: Sit not at all with a married woman, and recline not on the elbow with her; that is, do not sup nor eat with her frequently. Wherefore he adds, And do not join company with her in wine, lest your heart incline to her, and by your blood slide to ruin. For the licence of intoxication is dangerous, and prone to deflower. And he names a married woman, because the danger is greater to him who attempts to break the connubial bond.

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