Sirach 9:18

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

16 Let the righteous be your dinner companions, and let your glory be in the fear of the Lord. 17 A work is praised for the skill of the artisan; so a people's leader is proved wise by his words. 18 The loud of mouth are feared in their city, and the one who is reckless in speech is hated.

Clement of Alexandria The Instructor 2.7


For dreadful in his destruction is a loquacious man. And it is with triflers as with old shoes: all the rest is worn away by evil; the tongue only is left for destruction. Wherefore Wisdom gives these most useful exhortations: Do not talk trifles in the multitude of the elders. Further, eradicating frivolousness, beginning with God, it lays down the law for our regulation somewhat thus: Do not repeat your words in your prayer. Chirruping and whistling, and sounds made through the fingers, by which domestics are called, being irrational signs, are to be given up by rational men. Frequent spitting, too, and violent clearing of the throat, and wiping one's nose at an entertainment, are to be shunned. For respect is assuredly to be had to the guests, lest they turn in disgust from such filthiness, which argues want of restraint. For we are not to copy oxen and asses, whose manger and dunghill are together. For many wipe their noses and spit even while supping.

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