Sirach 4:31

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

20 Watch for the opportune time, and beware of evil, and do not be ashamed to be yourself. 21 For there is a shame that leads to sin, and there is a shame that is glory and favor. 22 Do not show partiality, to your own harm, or deference, to your downfall. 23 Do not refrain from speaking at the proper moment, and do not hide your wisdom. 24 For wisdom becomes known through speech, and education through the words of the tongue. 25 Never speak against the truth, but be ashamed of your ignorance. 26 Do not be ashamed to confess your sins, and do not try to stop the current of a river. 27 Do not subject yourself to a fool, or show partiality to a ruler. 28 Fight to the death for truth, and the Lord God will fight for you. 29 Do not be reckless in your speech, or sluggish and remiss in your deeds. 30 Do not be like a lion in your home, or suspicious of your servants. 31 Do not let your hand be stretched out to receive and closed when it is time to give.

Date: 195-175 B.C.E.
* Dates are based on scholarly estimates

Barnabas 19:9

Epistle of Barnabas

8 Thou shalt make thy neighbor partake in all things, and shalt not saythat anything is thine own. For if ye are fellow partakers in thatwhich is imperishable, how much rather shall ye be in the thingswhich are perishable. Thou shalt not be hasty with thine own tongue,for the mouth is the snare of death. So far as thou art able, thoushalt be pure for thy soul's sake. 9 Be not thou found holding out thy hands to receive, and drawingthem in to give. Thou shalt love as the apple of thine eye everyone that speaketh unto thee the word of the Lord. 10 Thou shalt remember the day of judgment night and day, and thoushalt seek out day by day the persons of the saints, either laboringby word and going to exhort them and meditating how thou mayest savesouls by thy word, or thou shalt work with thy hands for a ransom forthy sins. 11 Thou shall not hesitate to give, neither shalt thou murmur whengiving, but thou shalt know who is the good paymaster of thy reward.Thou shalt keep those things which thou hast received, neither addingto them nor taking away from them. Thou shalt utterly hate the EvilOne. Thou shalt judge righteously. 12 Thou shalt not make a schism, but thou shalt pacify them that contendby bringing them together. Thou shalt confess thy sins. Thou shaltnot betake thyself to prayer with an evil conscience. This is theway of light.

Date: 80-120 C.E.
* Dates are based on scholarly estimates