Sirach 33:6

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

4 Prepare what to say, and then you will be listened to; draw upon your training, and give your answer. 5 The heart of a fool is like a cart wheel, and his thoughts like a turning axle. 6 A mocking friend is like a stallion that neighs no matter who the rider is. 7 Why is one day more important than another, when all the daylight in the year is from the sun? 8 By the Lord's wisdom they were distinguished, and he appointed the different seasons and festivals.

Clement of Alexandria The Instructor 1.13


Nay, to crown all, philosophy itself is pronounced to be the cultivation of right reason; so that, necessarily, whatever is done through error of reason is transgression, and is rightly called, (ἁμάρτημα) sin. Since, then, the first man sinned and disobeyed God, it is said, And man became like to the beasts: being rightly regarded as irrational, he is likened to the beasts. Whence Wisdom says: The horse for covering; the libidinous and the adulturer has become like to an irrational beast. Wherefore also it is added: He neighs, whoever may be sitting on him. The man, it is meant, no longer speaks; for he who transgresses against reason is no longer rational, but an irrational animal, given up to lusts by which he is ridden (as a horse by his rider).

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