Sirach 31:16

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

14 Do not reach out your hand for everything you see, and do not crowd your neighbor at the dish. 15 Judge your neighbor's feelings by your own, and in every matter be thoughtful. 16 Eat what is set before you like a well brought-up person, and do not chew greedily, or you will give offense. 17 Be the first to stop, as befits good manners, and do not be insatiable, or you will give offense. 18 If you are seated among many persons, do not help yourself before they do.

Clement of Alexandria The Instructor 2.7


Eat, it is said, like a man what is set before you. Be the first to stop for the sake of regimen; and, if seated in the midst of several people, do not stretch out your hand before them. You must never rush forward under the influence of gluttony; nor must you, though desirous, reach out your hand till some time, inasmuch as by greed one shows an uncontrolled appetite. Nor are you, in the midst of the repast, to exhibit yourselves hugging your food like wild beasts; nor helping yourselves to too much sauce, for man is not by nature a sauce-consumer, but a bread-eater. A temperate man, too, must rise before the general company, and retire quietly from the banquet. For at the time for rising, it is said, be not the last; haste home. The twelve, having called together the multitude of the disciples, said, It is not meet for us to leave the word of God and serve tables. If they avoided this, much more did they shun gluttony.

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