Sirach 30:8

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

6 He has left behind him an avenger against his enemies, and one to repay the kindness of his friends. 7 Whoever spoils his son will bind up his wounds, and will suffer heartache at every cry. 8 An unbroken horse turns out stubborn, and an unchecked son turns out headstrong. 9 Pamper a child, and he will terrorize you; play with him, and he will grieve you. 10 Do not laugh with him, or you will have sorrow with him, and in the end you will gnash your teeth.

Clement of Alexandria The Instructor 1.9


There is a twofold species of fear, the one of which is accompanied with reverence, such as citizens show towards good rulers, and we towards God, as also right-minded children towards their fathers. For an unbroken horse turns out unmanageable, and a son who is let take his own way turns out reckless. The other species of fear is accompanied with hatred, which slaves feel towards hard masters, and the Hebrews felt, who made God a master, not a father. And as far as piety is concerned, that which is voluntary and spontaneous differs much, nay entirely, from what is forced. For He, it is said, is merciful; He will heal their sins, and not destroy them, and fully turn away His anger, and not kindle all His wrath. See how the justice of the Instructor, which deals in rebukes, is shown; and the goodness of God, which deals in compassions. Wherefore David — that is, the Spirit by him — embracing them both, sings of God Himself, Justice and judgment are the preparation of His throne: mercy and truth shall go before Your face. He declares that it belongs to the same power both to judge and to do good. For there is power over both together, and judgment separates that which is just from its opposite. And He who is truly God is just and good; who is Himself all, and all is He; for He is God, the only God.

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