Sirach 24:3

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

1 Wisdom praises herself, and tells of her glory in the midst of her people. 2 In the assembly of the Most High she opens her mouth, and in the presence of his hosts she tells of her glory: 3 "I came forth from the mouth of the Most High, and covered the earth like a mist. 4 I dwelt in the highest heavens, and my throne was in a pillar of cloud. 5 Alone I compassed the vault of heaven and traversed the depths of the abyss.

Ambrose On the Holy Spirit 2.5


For although most authorities read de Spiritu, yet the Greek from which the Latins translated have ἐ χ πνεύματος ἁγίου, that is, ex Spiritu Sancto. For that which is of [ex] any one is either of his substance or of his power. Of his substance, as the Son, Who says: I came forth of the Mouth of the Most High; as the Spirit, Who proceeds from the Father; of Whom the Son says: He shall glorify Me, for He shall receive of Mine. But of the power, as in the passage: One God the Father, of Whom are all things.

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