Sirach 20:8

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

6 Some people keep silent because they have nothing to say, while others keep silent because they know when to speak. 7 The wise remain silent until the right moment, but a boasting fool misses the right moment. 8 Whoever talks too much is detested, and whoever pretends to authority is hated. 9 There may be good fortune for a person in adversity, and a windfall may result in a loss. 10 There is the gift that profits you nothing, and the gift to be paid back double.

Clement of Alexandria The Instructor 2.6


For neither are knee and leg, and such other members, nor are the names applied to them, and the activity put forth by them, obscene. And even the pudenda are to be regarded as objects suggestive of modesty, not shame. It is their unlawful activity that is shameful, and deserving ignominy, and reproach, and punishment. For the only thing that is in reality shameful is wickedness, and what is done through it. In accordance with these remarks, conversation about deeds of wickedness is appropriately termed filthy [shameful] speaking, as talk about adultery and pederasty and the like. Frivolous prating, too, is to be put to silence. For, it is said, in much speaking you shall not escape sin. Sins of the tongue, therefore, shall be punished. There is he who is silent, and is found wise; and there is he that is hated for much speech. But still more, the prater makes himself the object of disgust. For he that multiplies speech abominates his own soul.

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