Sirach 16:12

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

10 or on the six hundred thousand foot soldiers who assembled in their stubbornness. 11 Even if there were only one stiff-necked person, it would be a wonder if he remained unpunished. For mercy and wrath are with the Lord; he is mighty to forgive—but he also pours out wrath. 12 Great as is his mercy, so also is his chastisement; he judges a person according to his or her deeds. 13 The sinner will not escape with plunder, and the patience of the godly will not be frustrated. 14 He makes room for every act of mercy; everyone receives in accordance with his or her deeds.

Clement of Alexandria The Instructor 1.8


For He who placed some on the right hand, and others on the left, conceived as Father, being good, is called that which alone He is — good; but as He is the Son in the Father, being his Word, from their mutual relation, the name of power being measured by equality of love, He is called righteous. He will judge, He says, a man according to his works, — a good balance, even God having made known to us the face of righteousness in the person of Jesus, by whom also, as by even scales, we know God. Of this also the book of Wisdom plainly says, For mercy and wrath are with Him, for He alone is Lord of both, Lord of propitiations, and pouring forth wrath according to the abundance of His mercy. So also is His reproof. For the aim of mercy and of reproof is the salvation of those who are reproved.

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