Sirach 14:17

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

15 Will you not leave the fruit of your labors to another, and what you acquired by toil to be divided by lot? 16 Give, and take, and indulge yourself, because in Hades one cannot look for luxury. 17 All living beings become old like a garment, for the decree from of old is, "You must die!" 18 Like abundant leaves on a spreading tree that sheds some and puts forth others, so are the generations of flesh and blood: one dies and another is born. 19 Every work decays and ceases to exist, and the one who made it will pass away with it.

Augustine City of God 16.27

On the City of God Against the Pagans

Now there are many things called God's covenants besides those two great ones, the old and the new, which any one who pleases may read and know. For the first covenant, which was made with the first man, is just this: In the day you eat thereof, you shall surely die. Whence it is written in the book called Ecclesiasticus, All flesh waxes old as does a garment. For the covenant from the beginning is, You shall die the death. Now, as the law was more plainly given afterward, and the apostle says, Where no law is, there is no prevarication...

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