Sirach 14:1

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

1 Happy are those who do not blunder with their lips, and need not suffer remorse for sin. 2 Happy are those whose hearts do not condemn them, and who have not given up their hope. 3 Riches are inappropriate for a small-minded person; and of what use is wealth to a miser?

Clement of Alexandria The Instructor 2.7


For if the assemblies at festivals take place on account of affection, and the end of a banquet is friendliness towards those who meet, and meat and drink accompany affection, how should not conversation be conducted in a rational manner, and puzzling people with questions be avoided from affection? For if we meet together for the purpose of increasing our good-will to each other, why should we stir up enmity by jibing? It is better to be silent than to contradict, and thereby add sin to ignorance. Blessed, in truth, is the man who has not made a slip with his mouth, and has not been pierced by the pain of sin; or has repented of what he has said amiss, or has spoken so as to wound no one. On the whole, let young men and young women altogether keep away from such festivals, that they may not make a slip in respect to what is unsuitable. For things to which their ears are unaccustomed, and unseemly sights, inflame the mind, while faith within them is still wavering; and the instability of their age conspires to make them easily carried away by lust. Sometimes also they are the cause of others stumbling, by displaying the dangerous charms of their time of life.

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