Numbers 25:3

Hebrew Bible

1 When Israel lived in Shittim, the people began to commit sexual immorality with the daughters of Moab. 2 These women invited the people to the sacrifices of their gods; then the people ate and bowed down to their gods. 3 When Israel joined themselves to Baal Peor, the anger of the Lord flared up against Israel. 4 The Lord said to Moses, “Arrest all the leaders of the people, and hang them up before the Lord in broad daylight, so that the fierce anger of the Lord may be turned away from Israel.”

Hosea 9:10

Hebrew Bible

10 When I found Israel, it was like finding grapes in the wilderness. I viewed your ancestors like an early fig on a fig tree in its first season. Then they came to Baal Peor, and they dedicated themselves to shame—they became as detestable as what they loved. 11 Ephraim will be like a bird; what they value will fly away. They will not bear children—they will not enjoy pregnancy—they will not even conceive!

 Notes and References

"... The connection between the womb and the grabbing of his brother’s heel is well known from J (Genesis 25:24-26). The fighting with God? and being “able” connects to an equally well-known passage from E (Genesis 32:25-31). The reference to finding him at Beth-El and especially referring to speaking “with” (Hebrew ‘im) him calls to mind the J version of the story of the revelation to Jacob (Genesis 28:13-16,19)." Hosea also refers to the Israelites’ heresy at Baal Peor (Hosea 9:10). This event is known from J (Numbers 25:1-5). Only J refers to it as “Baal Peor.” The P version of this event speaks of “the matter of Peor” (Numbers 25:18 [twice]; 31:16) but never uses the name Baal Peor ..."

Friedman, Richard Elliott The Bible with Sources Revealed: A New View Into the Five Books of Moses (p. 17) Harper San Francisco, 2005

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