Neofiti Genesis 1:1


7 And God created the separation, which separated the water below the line of separation and the water above the line of separation, and it was thus as his word. 8 And the Memra of the Lord called the firmament heaven. And there was evening and there was morning: (in) the order of the work of creation, second day. 9 And the Memra of the Lord said: “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear.” And it was so m according to his Memra. 10 And the Memra of the Lord called the dry land the earth, and the gathering- place of the waters he called the Seas. And it was manifest before the Lord that it was beautiful and proper. 11 And the Memra of the Lord said: “Let the earth put forth herbage of grass which produces seed, a fruit tree which yields fruit according to its kind, whose shoots are from it and in it upon the earth.” And it was so according to his Memra.

4 Ezra 6:38

2 Esdras

35 Upon that, I wept and fasted again for seven days in the same way as before, thus completing the three weeks enjoined on me. 36 On the eighth night I was again disturbed at heart, and spoke to the Most High. 37 With spirit aflame and in great agony of mind I said: 38O Lord, at the beginning of creation you spoke the word. On the first day you said, “Let heaven and earth be made!”, and your word carried out its work. 39 At that time the hovering spirit was there, and darkness circled round; there was silence, no sound as yet of human voice. 40 Then you commanded a ray of light to be brought out of your store-chambers, to make your works visible from that time onwards.

 Notes and References

"... “the Memra of the Lord”; text of Neofiti has: “the son of the Lord,” ... However, in Christian tradition from earliest times the opening word of Genesis was understood to mean “in the Son” (= Jesus, the Word); see Jerome, Hebraic quaest., in Genesis 1:1 citing 'Altercation of Jason and Papiscus'; Tertullian and Hilary ... The original Palestinian Targum probably read: “From the beginning in wisdom the Memra of the Lord created”; see also 2 Ezra 6:38, 43: “In the beginning of creation you spoke the word... and your word perfected (i.e., carried out, completed) the work.” On the possible relationship of 2 Ezra to Palestinian Targum., see D. Munoz Leon, 1974, 1975 ..."

McNamara, Martin Targum Neofiti 1, Genesis (p. 52) Liturgical Press, 1992

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