LXX Numbers 11:7


5 We remember the fish, which we ate in Egypt freely; and the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the garlic, and the onions. 6 But now our soul is dried up; our eyes turn to nothing but to the manna. 7 And the manna is as coriander seed, and the appearance of it the appearance of hoarfrost. 8 And the people went through the field, and gathered, and ground it in the mill, or pounded it in a mortar, and baked it in a pan, and made cakes of it; and the sweetness of it was as the taste of wafer made with oil. 9 And when the dew came upon the camp by night, the manna came down upon it.

Wisdom of Solomon 16:22


20 Instead of these things you gave your people food of angels, and without their toil you supplied them from heaven with bread ready to eat, providing every pleasure and suited to every taste. 21 For your sustenance manifested your sweetness toward your children; and the bread, ministering to the desire of the one who took it, was changed to suit everyone's liking. 22 Snow and ice withstood fire without melting, so that they might know that the crops of their enemies were being destroyed by the fire that blazed in the hail and flashed in the showers of rain; 23 whereas the fire, in order that the righteous might be fed, even forgot its native power. 24 For creation, serving you who made it, exerts itself to punish the unrighteous, and in kindness relaxes on behalf of those who trust in you.

 Notes and References

"... Wisdom of Solomon 16:20‐23 does not only use Psalm 77:24‐25 LXX, but also reworks other biblical traditions about the manna - and this way exemplifies the image of the “food of angels.” According to Wisdom of Solomon 16:20b God “without effort” offers to his people “bread ready to eat” from heaven. While the statement of “bread ready to eat” contradicts the ways of preparation mentioned in Exodus 16:13‐15 and Numbers 11:8, Exodus 16:13‐15 does not speak explicitly about the origin of the bread. The statement in the book of Wisdom - “from heaven” - might of course be due to developments as in Psalm 77:24 LXX. The small change can possibly be derived from the consideration that the food of heavenly creatures must be in heaven and therefore needs to be given from heaven ... The background of Wisdom of Solomon 16:20c is usually considered to lie in the fact that the Old Testament provides several descriptions of the manna (see, for example, Exodus 16:4, 14, 31 LXX and Numbers 11:7 LXX) ..."

Nicklas, Tobias "'Food of Angels' (Wis 16:20)" in Xeravits, Géza G., and József Zsengellér (eds.) Studies in the Book of Wisdom (pp. 83-100) Brill, 2010

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