Job 4:21

Hebrew Bible

19 how much more to those who live in houses of clay, whose foundation is in the dust, who are crushed like a moth? 20 They are destroyed between morning and evening; they perish forever without anyone regarding it. 21 Is not their excess wealth taken away from them? They die, yet without attaining wisdom.

LXX Job 4:21


19 But as for them that dwell in houses of clay, of whom we also are formed of the same clay, he smites them like a moth. 20 And from morning to evening they no longer exist: they have perished, because they cannot help themselves. 21 For he blows upon them, and they are withered: they have perished for lack of wisdom.

 Notes and References

"... LXX-Job 4:20 prefers the philosophical expression, which also recalls the imagery of flowers in blossom for only one day ... (LXX-Job 4:20 compare 25:4). This is explained in the LXX with the imagery from the plant-kingdom: For he blew upon them, and they are withered, because they do not have any kind of wisdom in themselves. In this way, the LXX transforms Genesis 2:9 leaving two kinds of interpretation open: God’s breath of life upon man’s face also means the gift of wisdom. Human beings prefer, however, knowledge of good and evil more than divine wisdom and, therefore, they die. The MT does not only talk about a lack of wisdom (4:21), but also about the lack of a saviour ..."

Dafni, Evangelia G. βρότος A Favourite Word of Homer in the Septuagint Version of Job (pp. 35-65) Verbum et Ecclesia Vol. 28, No. 1, 2007

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