Isaiah 63:13

Hebrew Bible

12 the one who made his majestic power available to Moses, who divided the water before them, gaining for himself a lasting reputation, 13 who led them through the deep water? Like a horse running through the wilderness they did not stumble. 14 As an animal that goes down into a valley to graze, so the Spirit of the Lord granted them rest. In this way you guided your people, gaining for yourself an honored reputation.

Wisdom of Solomon 19:7


6 For the whole creature in his proper kind was fashioned again anew, serving the peculiar commandments that were given unto them, that thy children might be kept without hurt: 7 As namely, a cloud shadowing the camp; and where water stood before, dry land appeared; and out of the Red sea a way without impediment; and out of the violent stream a green field: 8 Wherethrough all the people went that were defended with thy hand, seeing thy marvellous strange wonders.

Pseudo Jonathan Exodus 15:19


19 For the horses of Pharaoh, with his chariots and horsemen, went into the sea; and the Lord turned the waters of the sea back on them; but the children of Israel went on dry ground in the midst of the sea. There sweet springs sprang up, as well as fruit trees, green plants, and choice fruit at the bottom of the sea. 20 Then Miriam the prophetess, Aaron’s sister, took the timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her; they were dancing to the sound of timbrels and playing the hingas.

 Notes and References

"... One particular miracle seemed to be implied by the prophet Isaiah in regard to the crossing of the Red Sea ... Read in a certain way, these lines suggested to interpreters that the Red Sea had been made not only passable, but dry as a desert—or perhaps even turned into a grassy valley ..."

Kugel, James L. The Bible as it Was (pp. 342-343) Harvard University Press, 1998

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