Isaiah 21:7

Hebrew Bible

5 Arrange the table, lay out the carpet, eat and drink! Get up, you officers, smear oil on the shields! 6 For this is what the Lord has told me:“Go, post a guard! He must report what he sees. 7 When he sees chariots, teams of horses, riders on donkeys, riders on camels, he must be alert, very alert. 8 Then the guard cries out: “On the watchtower, O Lord, I stand all day long; at my post I am stationed every night. 9 Look what’s coming! A charioteer, a team of horses.” When questioned, he replies, “Babylon has fallen, fallen! All the idols of her gods lie shattered on the ground!”

LXX Isaiah 21:7


5 Prepare the table; drink; eat! Rise up, rulers; prepare shields! 6 Because thus the Lord said to me: “Go, post a lookout for yourself, and announce whatever you see.” 7 And I saw two riding horsemen, a rider on a donkey and a rider on a camel. Listen with much listening, 8 and call Ourias to the watchtower of the Lord. And he said: “I stood continually by day, and over the camp I stood the whole night. 9 And look, he himself comes, a rider of a pair of horses!” Then he answered and said, “Babylon has fallen, and all her images and the works of her hands have been crushed to the ground.”

 Notes and References

"... In Isaiah 21.7 one reads of a sentry's attentive listening in these terms ... The LXX changes this third-person prediction to an imperative ... It is unclear whether the translator considers the imperative to be directed towards the sentry - as it is the sentry who will hear in the Masoretic text - or towards the reader. At first glance, the former seems more likely ..."

Baer, David A. When We All Go Home: Translation and Theology in LXX Isaiah 56-66 (pp. 30-31) Sheffield Academic Press, 2001

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