Genesis 10:2

Hebrew Bible

1 This is the account of Noah’s sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Sons were born to them after the flood. 2 The sons of Japheth were Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras. 3 The sons of Gomer were Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah. 4 The sons of Javan were Elishah, Tarshish, the Kittim, and the Dodanim.

LXX Genesis 10:2


1 Now these are the generations of Noe’s sons, Sem, Cham, Iapheth, and sons were born to them after the flood. 2 The sons of Iapheth: Gamer and Magog and Madai and Ioyan and Elisa and Thobel and Mosoch and Thiras. 3 And the sons of Gamer: Aschanaz and Riphath and Thorgama. 4 And the sons of Ioyan: Elisa and Tharsis, Kitians, Rhodians.

 Notes and References

".. Vv. 2-5 record the sons of Japheth. LXX Gen attributes eight sons to Japheth over against seven in MT. LXX Gen has Elisa inserted in fifth place, but the same name occurs in v.4 as a son of louan. An f tradition omits the name thereby equaling MT, but the shorter text is probably based on homoiot ..."

Wevers, John William Notes on the Greek Text of Genesis (p. 128) Scholars Press, 1993

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