Exodus 25:8

Hebrew Bible

2 “Tell the Israelites to take an offering for me; from every person motivated by a willing heart you are to receive my offering. 3 This is the offering you are to accept from them: gold, silver, bronze, 4 blue, purple, scarlet, fine linen, goats’ hair, 5 ram skins dyed red, fine leather, acacia wood, 6 oil for the light, spices for the anointing oil and for fragrant incense, 7 onyx stones, and other gems to be set in the ephod and in the breastpiece. 8 Let them make for me a sanctuary, so that I may live among them.

Neofiti Exodus 25:8


2 “Speak with the children of Israel that they may set separated offerings aside for my name, you shall receive separated offerings from everyone whose heart prompts them. 3 And this is the offering of separation which you shall receiveb from them: gold and silver and bronze, 4 blue and purple and precious crimson material and byssus and goats’ hair, 5 reddened“ rams’ skins, and sasgonac skins, and acacia wood; 6 oil for the il lumination, spices for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense, 7 precious stonesd and stones for setting, for insertinge in the ephod and in the breastpiece. 8 And they shall build a sanctuary to my name that I may make the Glory of my Shekinah dwell among them.

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