Deuteronomy 26:12

Hebrew Bible

11 You will celebrate all the good things that the Lord your God has given you and your family, along with the Levites and the resident foreigners among you. 12 When you finish tithing all your income in the third year (the year of tithing), you must give it to the Levites, the resident foreigners, the orphans, and the widows so that they may eat to their satisfaction in your villages. 13 Then you shall say before the Lord your God, “I have removed the sacred offering from my house and given it to the Levites, the resident foreigners, the orphans, and the widows just as you have commanded me. I have not violated or forgotten your commandments.

LXX Deuteronomy 26:12


11 and thou shalt rejoice in all the good things, which the Lord thy God has given thee, thou and thy family, and the Levite, and the stranger that is within thee. 12 And when thou shalt have completed all the tithings of thy fruits in the third year, thou shalt give the second tenth to the Levite, and stranger, and fatherless, and widow; and they shall eat it in thy cities, and be merry. 13 And thou shalt say before the Lord thy God, I have fully collected the holy things out of my house, and I have given them to the Levite, and the stranger, and the orphan, and the widow, according to all the commands which thou didst command me: I did not transgress thy command, and I did not forget it.

 Notes and References

"... The rendering of the LXX is based on a wrong grammatical combination of two words, רשעמה תִנֵשׁ, yet the retroversion itself is well-founded. The translator must have known the concept of a “second tithe”, known from rabbinic literature referring to the tithe of Deuteronomy, while this term is not used in Scripture. However, the ungrammatical retroversion is probably based on the combination of two words that were understood wrongly ..."

Tov, Emanuel The Text-Critical use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research (p. 85) Eisenbrauns, 2015

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