2 Kings 1:10

Hebrew Bible

9 The king sent a captain and his 50 soldiers to retrieve Elijah. The captain went up to him while he was sitting on the top of a hill. He told him, “Prophet, the king says, ‘Come down!’” 10 Elijah replied to the captain, “If I am indeed a prophet, may fire come down from the sky and consume you and your 50 soldiers!” Fire then came down from the sky and consumed him and his 50 soldiers. 11 The king sent another captain and his 50 soldiers to retrieve Elijah. He went up and told him, “Prophet, this is what the king says, ‘Come down at once!’”

Luke 9:54

New Testament

52 He sent messengers on ahead of him. As they went along, they entered a Samaritan village to make things ready in advance for him, 53 but the villagers refused to welcome him because he was determined to go to Jerusalem. 54 Now when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, “Lord, do you want us to call fire to come down from heaven and consume them? 55 But Jesus turned and rebuked them, 56 and they went on to another village.

 Notes and References

"... Codex D and several other authorities preserve expanded readings in Luke 9:54-56 ... The expansion in verse 54 is supported by A C D Κ W 23 and several other un­cials and miniscules. The expansion that falls between verses 55 and 56 are supported by D (in part) and three other uncials and several miniscules. Ross has defended the originality of the longer form of these verses. However, they probably represent an interpretive embellishment of a Jewish scribe who rightly recognized the allu­sion to 2 Kings 1:10-12. Underlying the second expansion, which is in part inspired by Luke 19:10, may be an apologetic thrust designed to highlight Jesus' beneficial and salvific role, over against the more punitive figure of Elijah. The comparison with Elijah would have been more readily appreciated by Jews than by non-Jews ..."

Evans, Craig A. "The Jewish Christian Gospel Tradition" in Skarsaune, Oskar, and Reidar Hvalvik (eds.) Jewish Believers in Jesus: The Early Centuries (p. 266) Hendrickson Publishers, 2007

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