1 Enoch 41:3


2 And there I saw the mansions of the elect and the mansions of the holy, and mine eyes saw there all the sinners being driven from thence which deny the name of the Lord of Spirits, and being dragged off: and they could not abide because of the punishment which proceeds from the Lord of Spirits. 3 And there mine eyes saw the secrets of the lightning and of the thunder, and the secrets of the winds, how they are divided to blow over the earth, and the secrets of the clouds and dew, and there I saw from whence they proceed in that place and from whence they saturate the dusty earth. 4 And there I saw closed chambers out of which the winds are divided, the chamber of the hail and winds, the chamber of the mist, and of the clouds, and the cloud thereof hovers over the earth from the beginning of the world.

4 Ezra 5:37

2 Esdras

35 He said to me, ‘You cannot.’ ‘Why not, my lord?’ I asked. ‘Why then was I born? Why could not my mother’s womb have been my grave? Then I should never have seen Jacob’s trials and the weariness of the race of Israel.’ 36 He said to me, ‘Count me those who are not yet born, collect the scattered drops of rain, and make the withered flowers bloom again; 37 unlock me the storehouses and let loose the winds shut up there; or make visible the shape of a voice. Then I will answer your question about Israel’s trials.’ 38 ‘My lord, my master,’ I said, ‘how can there be anyone with such knowledge except the One whose home is not among men? 39 I am only a fool; how then can I answer your questions?’

 Notes and References

"... Another interesting parallel to the Enochic material is found in [4 Ezra] 5:37, which speaks of the “closed chambers” in which the winds are stored; the expression is similar to the one found in Parables of Enoch 41:3 ..."

Macaskill, Grant Meteorology and Metrology: Evaluating Parallels in the Ethiopic Parables of Enoch and 2 (Slavonic) Enoch (pp. 79-99) Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha, Vol. 29, No. 2, 2019

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