Baruch 4:35


30 Take courage, O Jerusalem, for the one who named you will comfort you. 31 Wretched will be those who mistreated you and who rejoiced at your fall. 32 Wretched will be the cities that your children served as slaves; wretched will be the city that received your offspring. 33 For just as she rejoiced at your fall and was glad for your ruin, so she will be grieved at her own desolation. 34 I will take away her pride in her great population, and her insolence will be turned to grief. 35 For fire will come upon her from the Everlasting for many days, and for a long time she will be inhabited by demons. 36 Look toward the east, O Jerusalem, and see the joy that is coming to you from God. 37 Look, your children are coming, whom you sent away; they are coming, gathered from east and west, at the word of the Holy One, rejoicing in the glory of God.

Revelation 18:2

New Testament

1 After these things I saw another angel, who possessed great authority, coming down out of heaven, and the earth was lit up by his radiance. 2 He shouted with a powerful voice:“Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the great! She has become a lair for demons, a haunt for every unclean spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detested beast. 3 For all the nations have fallen from the wine of her immoral passion, and the kings of the earth have committed sexual immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have gotten rich from the power of her sensual behavior.” 4 Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, so you will not take part in her sins and so you will not receive her plagues, 5 because her sins have piled up all the way to heaven and God has remembered her crimes.

 Notes and References

"... It is also possible that there is an allusion here to Jeremiah 51:37 (LXX 28:37), a possibility made more likely by the presence of seven other allusions to Jeremiah 51 in Revelation 18 ... The same topos is used to gloat over the destruction of Tyre in Isaiah 23:1 and Edom in Isaiah 34:11–15 (nb. that Edom eventually became a code name for Rome in Jewish tradition; see 4 Ezra 6:7–10; Genesis Rabah 65.21). The emptiness and aridity of the location of a city punished by Yahweh is mentioned in Jeremiah 50:12; 51:43. In Baruch 4:35 it is predicted that the enemy of Israel will be destroyed by fire and inhabited by demons. Demons were associated with unsettled and desolate places (Isaiah 13:21; 34:14; Tobit 8:3; Matthew 12:43 = Luke 11:24; Mark 5:10). The threat of desolation is a frequently occurring theme in prophetic denunciations of nations and cities, including Judah and Jerusalem ..."

Aune, David E. Word Biblical Commentary: Revelation 17-22 (p. 146) Word Books, 1998

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