Testament of Levi 9:3

Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs

And after two days I and Judah went up with our father Jacob to Isaac our father's father. And my father's father blessed me according to all the words of the visions which I had seen. And he would not come with us to Bethel. And when we came to Bethel, my father saw a vision concerning me, that I should be their priest unto God. And he rose up early in the morning, and paid tithes of all to the Lord through me.

Wisdom of Solomon 10:10


8 For because they passed wisdom by, they not only were hindered from recognizing the good, but also left for humankind a reminder of their folly, so that their failures could never go unnoticed. 9 Wisdom rescued from troubles those who served her. 10 When a righteous man fled from his brother's wrath, she guided him on straight paths; she showed him the kingdom of God, and gave him knowledge of holy things; she prospered him in his labors, and increased the fruit of his toil. 11 When his oppressors were covetous, she stood by him and made him rich. 12 She protected Jacob from his enemies, and kept him safe from those who lay in wait for him; in his arduous contest she gave him the victory, so that he might learn that godliness is more powerful than anything else.

 Notes and References

"... Verse 10 concerns Jacob's dream during his sojourn in Bethel as recounted in Genesis 28:10-17. In these cola Wisdom's revelatory and instructional role is highlighted in chapter 10. She shows Jacob the kingdom of God and gives him knowledge of holy things (the same two verbs occur in proximity in verse 14). The two lines can be read as exhibiting synonymous parallelism, that is, the revelation of God's kingdom is equivalent to the giving of supernatural knowledge. The phrase 'kingdom of God,' is hapax in the Septuagint, and it is difficult to know its exact meaning in this context. It most likely refers to the angels ascending and descending on the ladder reaching to heaven that Jacob sees in his dream (Genesis 28:12). From his vision, Jacob gains an understanding of how God's realm functions. The following colon is probably related to this understanding. There are several ways to interpret the term. First, the word could mean 'holy ones,' referring to the angels that Jacob saw. Second, it might refer to the heavenly sanctuary and thus reflect a tradition found in Testament of Levi 9:3. In this pseudepigraphal text, Jacob has a vision concerning Levi. According to Eric Burrows, not only might the term in Wisdom of Solomon 10:10 refer to the 'privileges of Levi' as high priest as cited in Testament of Levi 9:3, but it is also a likely reference to the heavenly sanctuary ..."

Glicksman, Andrew T. Wisdom of Solomon 10: A Jewish Hellenistic Reinterpretation of Early Israelite History through Sapiential Lenses (pp. 124-125) The Catholic University of America, 2010

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