Sirach 25:22

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

20 A sandy ascent for the feet of the aged— such is a garrulous wife to a quiet husband. 21 Do not be ensnared by a woman's beauty, and do not desire a woman for her possessions. 22 There is wrath and impudence and great disgrace when a wife supports her husband. 23 Dejected mind, gloomy face, and wounded heart come from an evil wife. Drooping hands and weak knees come from the wife who does not make her husband happy. 24 From a woman sin had its beginning, and because of her we all die.

Tobit 2:11


10 I did not know that there were sparrows on the wall; their fresh droppings fell into my eyes and produced white films. I went to physicians to be healed, but the more they treated me with ointments the more my vision was obscured by the white films, until I became completely blind. For four years I remained unable to see. All my kindred were sorry for me, and Ahikar took care of me for two years before he went to Elymais. 11 At that time, also, my wife Anna earned money at women's work. 12 She used to send what she made to the owners and they would pay wages to her. One day, the seventh of Dystrus, when she cut off a piece she had woven and sent it to the owners, they paid her full wages and also gave her a young goat for a meal.

 Notes and References

"... A wife working for pay casts dishonor upon her husband, because of the presumption that he was unable to support her. Ben Sirach 25:22 “Bad temper, insolence and shame hold sway where the wife supports the husband.” ..."

Littman, Robert J. Tobit: The Book of Tobit in Codex Sinaiticus (p. 68) Brill, 2008

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