Micah 1:4

Hebrew Bible

3 Look, the Lord is coming out of his dwelling place! He will descend and march on the earth’s mountaintops! 4 The mountains will crumble beneath him, and the valleys will split apart like wax before a fire, like water dumped down a steep slope. 5 All this is because of Jacob’s rebellion and the sins of the nation of Israel. And just what is Jacob’s rebellion? Isn’t it Samaria’s doings? And what is Judah’s sin? Isn’t it Jerusalem’s doings?

1 Enoch 52:6


5 Then the angel of peace said to me, 'Wait a while, and all the secrets that surround the Lord of Spirits will be disclosed to you.' 6 The mountains you saw—the iron, copper, silver, gold, soft metal, and lead—will be as wax before the fire, and like water streaming down, becoming powerless before his feet. 7 In those days, no one can be saved by gold or silver, and none will have the means to escape.

 Notes and References

"... Similar to God: Another characteristic of the Enochic Son of Man is that the figure is described in terms similar to those used of YHWH. In Micah 1:4, the mountains melt like wax at the coming of the lord (Psalm 97:5; Nahum 1:5), and in the Parables of Enoch, it is the coming of the Enochic figure at which the mountains melt (1 Enoch 52:6). The judgment of the kings of the earth is accomplished by the Lord (Isaiah 24:21-23), but the Son of Man carries out judgment in the Parables of Enoch (49:4; 55:4; 61:8-9; 69:27). The Day of Judgment is typically known as “The Day of the Lord” (Joel 1:15; Obadiah 15; Zechariah 14:1-21). In the Parables of Enoch, the Day of Judgment is described as “The Day of the Chosen One” (61:5). In Psalm 114:6, the mountains skip like rams at the coming of YHWH. In the Parables of Enoch, it is the enthronement of the Enochic figure and his revelation of the secrets of wisdom that leads to the mountains leaping like rams and hills skipping like lambs (51:4) ..."

McDonald, Lee Martin "The Parables of Enoch in Early Christianity" in Charlesworth, James H., and Darrell L. Bock., ed. Parables of Enoch: A Paradigm Shift (pp. 300-301) T&T Clark, 2013

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