LXX Ezekiel 1:21


19 Wherever the cloud happened to be, there was the spirit ready to go: the wheels went and were lifted up with them; because the spirit of life was in the wheels. 20 When those went, the wheels went; and when those stood, the wheels stood; and when those lifted themselves off the earth, they were lifted off with them: for the spirit of life was in the wheels. 21 And the likeness over the heads of the living creatures was as a firmament, as the appearance of crystal, spread out over their wings above. 22 And their wings were spread out under the firmament, reaching one to the other; two wings to each, covering their bodies. 23 And I heard the sound of their wings when they went, as the sound of much water: and when they stood, their wings were let down.

1 Enoch 14:9


8 And the vision was shown to me thus: Behold, in the vision clouds invited me and a mist summoned me, and the course of the stars and the lightnings sped and hastened me, and the winds in the vision caused me to fly and lifted me upward, and bore me into heaven. 9 And I went in till I drew nigh to a wall which is built of crystals and surrounded by tongues of fire: and it began to affright me. And I went into the tongues of fire and drew nigh to a large house which was built of crystals: and the walls of the house were like a tesselated floor (made) of crystals, and its groundwork was of crystal. 10 Its ceiling was like the path of the stars and the lightnings, and between them were fiery cherubim, and their heaven was (clear as) water.

 Notes and References

"... The vision of 1 Enoch 14 comes in the middle of the scene where Enoch is described as having ascended unto heaven to intercede on behalf of the fallen angels. It is introduced in 14, 8 where Enoch says that in his dream vision he saw himself uplifted to heaven by clouds. The first thing which Enoch says he saw in heaven is a wall which is built of white marble and surrounded by tongues of fire (14, 9). As it turned out, the wall surrounded a house. The house, no doubt, is identical with the heavenly divine palace, yet the manner in which it is described requires our comment. The house, its walls, its floor and its groundwork, were built of crystal. Now, this description of the marble-like appearance of the walls most probably derives from Ezekiel 1, 22, where the prophet says that “Over the heads of the living creatures there was the likeness of a firmament, shining like crystal” (LXX). This description of what the walls of the house looked like is quite rare, and actually its main parallel is to be found in two places connected with the visions of the Hekhalot mystics ..."

Gruenwald, Ithamar Apocalyptic and Merkavah Mysticism (pp. 71-72) Brill, 2014

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