Jubilees 50:12


11 This work alone shall be done on the Sabbath-days in the sanctuary of the Lord your God; that they may atone for Israel with sacrifice continually from day to day for a memorial well-pleasing before the Lord, and that He may receive them always from day to day according as thou hast been commanded. 12 And every man who does any work thereon, or goes a journey, or tills (his) farm, whether in his house or any other place, and whoever lights a fire, or rides on any beast, or travels by ship on the sea, and whoever strikes or kills anything, or slaughters a beast or a bird, or whoever catches an animal or a bird or a fish, or whoever fasts or makes war on the Sabbaths: 13 The man who does any of these things on the Sabbath shall die, so that the children of Israel shall observe the Sabbaths according to the commandments regarding the Sabbaths of the land, as it is written in the tablets, which He gave into my hands that I should write out for thee the laws of the seasons, and the seasons according to the division of their days. Herewith is completed the account of the division of the days.

1 Maccabees 2:39


36 But they did not answer them or hurl a stone at them or block up their hiding places, 37 for they said, "Let us all die in our innocence; heaven and earth testify for us that you are killing us unjustly." 38 So they attacked them on the sabbath, and they died, with their wives and children and livestock, to the number of a thousand persons. 39 When Mattathias and his friends learned of it, they mourned for them deeply. 40 And all said to their neighbors: "If we all do as our kindred have done and refuse to fight with the Gentiles for our lives and for our ordinances, they will quickly destroy us from the earth." 41 So they made this decision that day: "Let us fight against anyone who comes to attack us on the sabbath day; let us not all die as our kindred died in their hiding places."

 Notes and References

"... Especially important is the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a key topic of debate in late Second Temple Judaism. Jubilees portrays the patriarchs as having obeyed the Torah, despite the anachronism. In his testamentary speech (chaps. 20-23). 'Abraham warns his sons to practice circumcision, renounce fornication and uncleanness, refrain from marriage with Canaanite women, avoid idolatry, eat no blood, and perform washings before and after sacrifice' (Collins 1998, 80). Nudity is an issue in Jubilees (3:31), something that would be of concern during the Hellenistic Reform. In 50:12, making war is forbidden on the Sabbath. This also was an issue during the Maccabean revolt (1 Macc. 2:3941). Jubilees dates to the Hasmonean period ..."

Murphy, Frederick James Apocalypticism in the Bible and Its World: A Comprehensive Introduction (p. 166) Baker Academic, 2012

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