Job 38:22

Hebrew Bible

20 that you may take them to their borders and perceive the pathways to their homes? 21 You know, for you were born before them; and the number of your days is great! 22 Have you entered the storehouse of the snow or seen the armory of the hail, 23 which I reserve for the time of trouble, for the day of war and battle? 24 In what direction is lightning dispersed, or the east winds scattered over the earth?

Sirach 39:29

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

27 All these are good for the godly, but for sinners they turn into evils. 28 "There are winds created for vengeance, and in their anger they can dislodge mountains; on the day of reckoning they will pour out their strength and calm the anger of their Maker. 29 Fire and hail and famine and pestilence, all these have been created for vengeance; 30 the fangs of wild animals and scorpions and vipers, and the sword that punishes the ungodly with destruction. 31 They take delight in doing his bidding, always ready for his service on earth; and when their time comes they never disobey his command."

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