Isaiah 8:16

Hebrew Bible

14 He will become a sanctuary, but a stone that makes a person trip and a rock that makes one stumble—to the two houses of Israel. He will become a trap and a snare to the residents of Jerusalem. 15 Many will stumble over the stone and the rock, and will fall and be seriously injured, and will be ensnared and captured.” 16 Tie up the testimony32, seal the official record of God’s instructions, and give it to my followers. 17 I will wait patiently for the Lord,who has rejected the family of Jacob; I will wait for him.

Jubilees 1:4


3 And He called to Moses on the seventh day out of the midst of the cloud, and the appearance of the glory of the Lord was like a flaming fire on the top of the mount. 4 And Moses was on the Mount forty days and forty nights, and God taught him the earlier and the later history of the division of all the days of the law and of the testimony. 5 And He said: 'Incline thine heart to every word which I shall speak to thee on this mount, and write them in a book in order that their generations may see how I have not forsaken them for all the evil which they have wrought in transgressing the covenant which I establish between Me and thee for their generations this day on Mount Sinai.

 Notes and References

"... The expression “according to the Torah and to the Testimony,” which appears not only in the title-sentence but again in Jubilees 1:4-5; 1:26, 29 and later verses, was an important one for the overall stance of the book ... Jubilees’ reference to “the Torah and the Testimony” is based on a somewhat mysterious verse in the book of Isaiah, where God says: “Bind up the testimony, seal up the instruction (torah) with My disciples” (Isaiah 8:16). Even today, it is not clear what Isaiah was referring to, nor—more to the point—is anyone sure what the author of Jubilees meant by quoting this phrase ..."

Kugel, James L. A Walk through Jubilees: Studies in the Book of Jubilees and the World of Its Creation (pp. 2-3) Brill, 2012

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