Isaiah 60:1

Hebrew Bible

1 “Arise! Shine! For your light arrives! The splendor of the Lord shines on you! 2 For, look, darkness covers the earth and deep darkness covers the nations, but the Lord shines on you; his splendor appears over you. 3 Nations come to your light, kings to your bright light. 4 Look all around you! They all gather and come to you—your sons come from far away, and your daughters are escorted by guardians. 5 Then you will look and smile, you will be excited and your heart will swell with pride. For the riches of distant lands will belong to you, and the wealth of nations will come to you.

Baruch 4:24


22 For I have put my hope in the Everlasting to save you, and joy has come to me from the Holy One, because of the mercy that will soon come to you from your everlasting savior. 23 For I sent you out with sorrow and weeping, but God will give you back to me with joy and gladness forever. 24 For as the neighbors of Zion have now seen your capture, so they soon will see your salvation by God, which will come to you with great glory and with the splendor of the Everlasting. 25 My children, endure with patience the wrath that has come upon you from God. Your enemy has overtaken you, but you will soon see their destruction and will tread upon their necks. 26 My pampered children have traveled rough roads; they were taken away like a flock carried off by the enemy.

 Notes and References

"... In 5:3 the glory of God with which Jerusalem is clothed is summed up in the term הגונ which reflects Isaiah 60:3 where the Greek word (the only occurrence of its use in LXX Isaiah), translates the Hebrew ךחרז הגנ of the Masoretic text. In 1 Baruch 5:3 as in Isaiah 60:2 this glory, which emanates from God and rises upon Jerusalem, is universally visible for in 1 Baruch 5:3 “for God will show your splendour in the whole earth beneath heaven.” The use of this term may simply be attributed to a lexical preference, rather than to dependence on the LXX. A similar motif occurs in Isaiah 62:2, in which all nations and kings will see the righteousness and glory of Jerusalem ..."

Henderson, Ruth Second Temple Songs of Zion: A Literary and Generic Analysis of the Apostrophe to Zion (11QPSA Xxii 1-15); Tobit 13:9-18 and 1 Baruch 4:30-5:9 (pp. 249-250) De Gruyter, 2014

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