Isaiah 57:18

Hebrew Bible

16 For I will not be hostile forever or perpetually angry, for then man’s spirit would grow faint before me, the life-giving breath I created. 17 I was angry because of their sinful greed; I attacked them and angrily rejected them, yet they remained disobedient and stubborn. 18 I have seen their behavior, but I will heal them. I will lead them, and I will provide comfort to them and those who mourn with them. 19 I am the one who gives them reason to celebrate. Complete prosperity is available both to those who are far away and those who are nearby,” says the Lord, “and I will heal them. 20 But the wicked are like a surging sea that is unable to be quiet; its waves toss up mud and sand.

Jonathan Isaiah 57:18


16 For I will not take vengeance of judgment for ever, neither shall my wrath be eternal: for I will revive the spirits of the dead, and the souls I have created. 17 My wrath is upon them on account of their robbed riches, and I smote them; I re moved my Shekinah from them, and cast them out; I scattered their captives, because they went astray after the imagination of their hearts. 18 The way of their repentance is revealed before me, and I will forgive them, and I will have compassion upon them, and requite consolations to them and to those that mourn with them. 19 The prophet saith: He that creates the speech in the lips of every man, peace shall be wrought for the righteous, who have kept my law of old, and peace shall be wrought out for the penitent, who return to my law. It is at hand that I will pardon them, saith the Lord. 20 But the wicked are like the troubled sea, that seeketh to rest, but cannot, and its waters bring forth mire and dirt.

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"... Another instance of the same phenomenon is provided by the meturgeman's language of "repentance". As we have seen, repentance in the Targum is pre-eminently what the meturgeman demands from his audience. In the face of national calamity, it represents the only divinely sanctioned way forward, and Israel's failure in respect of repentance to the law is the very reason for that calamity. At times, another level of meaning is exploited within this theology (57:18a) ... As in the case of the usage of "Messiah", we appear to be confronting a tendency to transmute hope into actuality. As examples of this sort mount up, that distinctive tendency seems all the more important for an understanding of the Targum ..."

Chilton, Bruce D. The Isaiah Targum (p. xviii) M. Glazier, 1987

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