Isaiah 42:1

Hebrew Bible

1Here is my servant whom I support, my chosen one in whom I take pleasure. I have placed my Spirit on him; he will make just decrees for the nations. 2 He will not cry out or shout; he will not publicize himself in the streets. 3 A crushed reed he will not break, a dim wick he will not extinguish; he will faithfully make just decrees. 4 He will not grow dim or be crushed before establishing justice on the earth; the coastlands will wait in anticipation for his decrees.”

1 Enoch 49:4


2 For he is mighty in all the secrets of righteousness, And unrighteousness shall disappear as a shadow, And have no continuance; Because the Elect One standeth before the Lord of Spirits, And his glory is for ever and ever, And his might unto all generations. 3 And in him dwells the spirit of wisdom, And the spirit which gives insight, And the spirit of understanding and of might, And the spirit of those who have fallen asleep in righteousness. 4 And he shall judge the secret things, And none shall be able to utter a lying word before him; For he is the Elect One before the Lord of Spirits according to His good pleasure.

 Notes and References

"... That the 'Chosen One' has its source in Second Isaiah's oracles about the Servant of YHVH is evident from two texts. The clearest of these is 1 Enoch 49:3-4, which is, in part, a paraphrase of Isaiah 42 ... The second passage (48:1-7) describes the naming of the Son of Man, drawing a number of phrases from Second Isaiah's description of the call of the Servant in Isaiah 49. Although the passage employs the designation 'Son of Man, it states that 'he was chosen and hidden in his presence before the world was created' (48:6, compare Isaiah 49:1-2) ..."

Nickelsburg, George W. E. A Commentary on the Book of 1 Enoch Chapters 37-82 (p. 117) Fortress Press, 2012

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