Isaiah 24:23

Hebrew Bible

21 At that time the Lord will punish the heavenly forces in the heavens and the earthly kings on the earth. 22 They will be imprisoned in a pit, locked up in a prison, and after staying there for a long time, they will be punished. 23 The full moon will be covered up, the bright sun will be darkened; for the Lord of Heaven’s Armies will rule on Mount Zion in Jerusalem in the presence of his assembly, in majestic splendor.

Jonathan Isaiah 24:23


21 And it shall come to pass at that time, that the Lord shall punish the mighty host that is dwelling in power, and the kings, the sons of men, who are dwelling upon the earth. 22 And they shall be utterly gathered for the prison, and they shall be shut up in the dungeon, and after many days they shall be remembered. 23 And they shall be confounded that worship the moon, and they shall be ashamed that worship the sun; because the power of the Lord of hosts shall be revealed in mount Sion, and before the elders of his people in glory.

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