Habakkuk 1:8

Hebrew Bible

6 Look, I am about to empower the Babylonians, that ruthless and greedy nation. They sweep across the surface of the earth, seizing dwelling places that do not belong to them. 7 They are frightening and terrifying; they decide for themselves what is right. 8 Their horses are faster than leopards and more alert than wolves in the desert. Their horses gallop, their horses come a great distance; like eagles25 they swoop down quickly to devour their prey. 9 All of them intend to do violence; every face is determined. They take prisoners as easily as one scoops up sand. 10 They mock kings and laugh at rulers. They laugh at every fortified city; they build siege ramps and capture them.

Zephaniah 3:3

Hebrew Bible

1 Beware to the filthy, stained city; the city filled with oppressors! 2 She is disobedient; she has refused correction. She does not trust the Lord; she has not sought the advice of her God. 3 Her princes are as fierce as roaring lions; her rulers are as hungry as wolves in the desert, who completely devour their prey by morning. 4 Her prophets are proud; they are deceitful men. Her priests have defiled what is holy; they have broken God’s laws. 5 The just Lord resides within her; he commits no unjust acts. Every morning he reveals his justice. At dawn he appears without fail. Yet the unjust know no shame.

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