Genesis 35:21

Hebrew Bible

19 So Rachel died and was buried on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem). 20 Jacob set up a marker over her grave; it is the Marker of Rachel’s Grave to this day. 21 Then Israel traveled on and pitched his tent beyond the Tower of the Flock.43 22 While Israel was living in that land, Reuben went to bed with Bilhah, his father’s concubine, and Israel heard about it. Jacob had twelve sons: 23 The sons of Leah were Reuben, Jacob’s firstborn, as well as Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun.

Micah 4:8

Hebrew Bible

6 “In that day,” says the Lord, “I will gather the lame and assemble the outcasts whom I injured. 7 I will transform the lame into the nucleus of a new nation and those far off into a mighty nation. The Lord will reign over them on Mount Zion, from that day forward and forevermore. 8 As for you, watchtower for the flock, fortress of Daughter Zion—your former dominion will be restored, the sovereignty that belongs to Daughter Jerusalem. 9 Jerusalem, why are you now shouting so loudly? Has your king disappeared? Has your wise leader been destroyed? Is this why pain grips you as if you were a woman in labor? 10 Twist and strain, Daughter Zion, as if you were in labor! For you will leave the city and live in the open field. You will go to Babylon, but there you will be rescued. There the Lord will deliver you from the power of your enemies.

 Notes and References

"... Trito-Isaiah seems to hint at Micah 4:7 and 5:1 in Isaiah 60:22 ... Also, the messianic prophecy Zechariah 9:9-10 may have been partly inspired by Micah 5:4-5. Targum Jonathan interprets ‘tower of the flock’, in Micah 4:8 as the eschatological ‘Messiah of Israel’ who remains hidden because of Israel’s sins. Also Targum Pseudo-Jonathan on Genesis 35:21 reflects this interpretation .. This eschatological messianic exegesis is set forth in Targum Jonathan’s rendering of Micah 5:1 ..."

de Moor, Johannes C. Historical Commentary on the Old Testament: Micah (pp. 218-219) Peeters, 2020

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