Genesis 3:23

Hebrew Bible

22 And the Lord God said, “Now that the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil, he must not be allowed to stretch out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” 23 So the Lord God expelled him from the orchard in Eden to cultivate the ground from which he had been taken. 24 When he drove the man out, he placed on the eastern side of the orchard in Eden angelic sentries who used the flame of a whirling sword to guard the way to the tree of life.

1 Kings 2:27

Hebrew Bible

26 The king then told Abiathar the priest, “Go back to your property in Anathoth. You deserve to die, but today I will not kill you because you did carry the ark of the Sovereign Lord before my father David and you suffered with my father through all his difficult times.” 27 Solomon expelled Abiathar from being a priest for the Lord, fulfilling the Lord’s message that he had pronounced against the family of Eli in Shiloh. 28 When the news reached Joab (for Joab had supported Adonijah, although he had not supported Absalom), he ran to the tent of the Lord and grabbed hold of the horns of the altar.

 Notes and References

"... Priesthood is traced, from the establishment of Moses’ grandson, Jonathan, at Dan (Judges 18:30), to David’s appointment of two chief priests, Abiathar and Zadok, to Solomon’s expulsion of Abiathar in this chapter. Abiathar is identified as coming from the line of Eli, the old priest of Shiloh, and the text specially notes that his demise fulfills the prophecy that Samuel had delivered about the fall of the house of Eli. Scholars have suggested that this notice was inserted by an editor, but the evidence for the unity of this work renders that suggestion unnecessary. Moreover, the text states that Solomon “expelled” Abiathar (1 Kings 2:27), a term that likewise recalls the wording of the work’s first chapters, in which the deity “expelled” the humans from Eden (Genesis 3:24) ..."

Friedman, Richard Elliott The Hidden Book in the Bible (pp. 277-284) Harper San Francisco, 1998

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