Ezekiel 23:29

Hebrew Bible

27 So I will put an end to your obscene conduct and your prostitution that you have practiced in the land of Egypt. You will not seek their help or remember Egypt anymore. 28 “For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: Look here, I am about to deliver you over to those whom you hate, to those with whom you were disgusted. 29 They will treat you with hatred, take away all you have labored for, and leave you naked and bare. Your nakedness will be exposed, just as when you engaged in prostitution and obscene conduct. 30 I will do these things to you because you engaged in prostitution with the nations, polluting yourself with their idols. 31 You have followed the ways of your sister, so I will place her cup of judgment in your hand.

Isaiah 47:3

Hebrew Bible

1 “Fall down! Sit in the dirt, O virgin daughter Babylon! Sit on the ground, not on a throne, O daughter of the Babylonians! Indeed, you will no longer be called delicate and pampered. 2 Pick up millstones and grind flour. Remove your veil, strip off your skirt, expose your legs, cross the streams. 3 Let your naked body be exposed. Your shame will be on display! I will get revenge; I will not have pity on anyone,” 4 says our Protector—the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is his name, the Holy One of Israel. 5 “Sit silently! Go to a hiding place, O daughter of the Babylonians! Indeed, you will no longer be called ‘Queen of kingdoms.’

 Notes and References

"... More broadly, “exposure of nakedness” may imply the exposure of shame for all to see: “Your nakedness shall be uncovered, and your shame shall be seen” (Isaiah 47:3). this is the import of the term in the confrontation between God and the woman about her shame: “then you will remember your ways and be ashamed ... that you may remember and be confounded” (Ezekiel 16:61–63) ... the suggestion to view the two punishments as distinct does not match the cohesive judicial continuum that Ezekiel 16 presents. It begins with an indictment (verse 1), and moves on to the verdict (35), where “exposure of nakedness” and public stripping appear next to each other. Moreover, “exposure of nakedness” is a punishment explicitly designated for idolatry and bloodshed (36), the precise sins for which the wife will be tried several verses later on, “as women who commit adultery and shed blood.” Rather than enumerating discrete penalties, Ezekiel describes different aspects of a single punishment. The parallels - Ezekiel 23 and Hosea 2 - further underscore the inseparability of stripping from “exposure of nakedness.” In both, the latter is a direct consequence of God’s confiscation of the wife’s clothes (Hosea 2:11–12; Ezekiel 23:29) ..."

Rosen-Zvi, Ishay, and Orr Scharf The Mishnaic Sotah Ritual: Temple, Gender and Midrash (pp. 192-193) Brill, 2012

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